Friday, December 5, 2008

Jellybean Socks

There is nothing so satisfying as almost being finished with a pair of socks! This has been my in-class, doctor's-office-waiting-room, visiting home and watching movies project for the last week, and they're almost finished. Self striping yarn is wonderful! All you need is a basic sock pattern, a set of double-pointed needles, and some free time, and you'll have yourself a pair of socks that look amazing. The colors remind me of the Jelly Belly jellybeans, with their bright colors and interesting flavors. I'd say that these socks are flavored strawberry, mango, lemon and blue raspberry.

Tomorrow look out for a swatch for the new mitten pattern!


  1. The colors on the socks are several shades of awesome! I love the color saturation.


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