Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Inspiration Notebook

I'm in the middle of something, and there are several names for it. Inspiration. Enlightenment. Happenstance. It started with a project for one of my classes - a notebook based on how we derive inspiration for our fashion designs based on the world around us - either the media, or magazines, or nature, or photography, literature or art or music. It was during this process (and the after-process, which included standing up in class today and presenting said 'Inspiration Notebook' to the class) that I realized my methods of inspiration are very important, and they very rarely show up on this blog.

When I began writing on here, my intention was for it to become a catch-all for my thoughts. But as I'm finding more and more, when my thoughts get really busy or really interesting, I have a habit of trying not to catch them. So I'm trying something new. This little blog is going to get a little makeover. No, I won't be changing the heading (yet), just the content. While everyone else went through their period of enforced inspiration last month, for NaNoBloMo, I'm enforcing my own PaDaBloMo (Personal Daily Blog Month), in which each and every post that I put on here has to be something interesting, and something relevant, and something I felt inspired by during the day. Starting now, I'm going to start carrying my camera around to school. I'm going to start looking again at little things and carrying a sketch book to write down notes and cut out pictures.

And most exciting of all, I'm going to start listening to music again. I wasn't able to for awhile (though, some friends in particular will claim that I have no excuse, since I've got a computer...), because my iPod decided to go kaput, but now I've gotten a new one. It's pretty and orange, and lightweight, and it has a lovely display and all kinds of nifty features, including a maze game that is excellent for playing in boring lectures. But the best part is, after all, music!

So, what am I listening to? Right now, I would highly recommend Roisin Murphy, and her album, Overpowered. The whole thing is just a masterpiece mix of jazz, electronica, synthesizer, and her amazingly rich, dreamy vocals. You should really check out the show she has posted on her website - she plays a lot with sound. The same-titled track is one of the best on the album, but I'm equally in love with Sinking Feeling from her earlier, Ruby Blue CD.

Of course, my love affair with Jenny Lewis and her various incarnations (The Postal Service, with the Watson Twins, Solo, Rilo Kiley...) isn't going to end anytime soon, and I'm currently digging the new sound that is 'Acid Tongue'. I haven't downloaded the whole thing from iTunes yet, but I'm quite addicted to the samples I'm getting from Youtube and Pandora Radio.

On the knitting front, I've been wanting to design something based on this painting by Max Ernst, and worked up in the new Malabrigo yarn I'm testing: Gusanito. The word, I've been told, means 'little caterpillar' in Portuguese, and I will certainly agree - soft and squishy and just the right amount of fuzzy, this yarn certainly reminds me of something adorable I'd find munching away my herb garden. I bought it in several colors, but only the Malachite colorway is going to become something surreal. Something with i-cord. And cables....

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