Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Visit from a Friend

Here's Devin with myself and Danielle, who is 'soimpossible' on Ravelry

One of the great disadvantages to living in the Midwestern US is that everything seems so much farther away. Despite that, on the east coast, you may travel from New York to Kentucky and it might take you upwards of many hours, you still feel closer to New York than you would if traveling from Iowa to Oklahoma. Or Denver to Chicago. The Midwest is, in short, very very wide. It's a big place, and the people are more spaced out than in more populous areas of the country. So when I go online to Ravelry and read how so many people know each other from such-and-such knitting group, and are traveling to so-and-so's to visit their LYS, I can't help but feel a twinge of jealousy. A twinge, I believe, that is shared by many of us Midwestern knitters.

Today, however, I got to relieve that twinge, when the administrator of the Malabrigo Swap group, Devin F, came to visit me and enjoy some gift exchanging in the spirit of mod-to-mod adoration. I run the Malabrigo Junkies, and the Swap is sort of our 'sister' board - many of the members float back and forth and know each other well from both groups. Devin is great fun - she was hilarious and a pleasure to have over, and even though her dogs kept trying to escape her husband's backyard wrangling, and Devin had to deal with a very large, very fat cat trying to make her into a personal chair, I think it was a good time. And she brought me such lovely, perfect presents!

First, some of Devin's own famous salt caramels. They're much talked about on Ravelry by swap partners who she's spoiled, and, after trying one, I can see why. The caramel flavor mixed with salt is unusual and exquisite - not to mention that the caramel is the absolute best consistency. My favorite part is that they're wrapped in brown wax paper, and look so lovely and crisp sitting in a little row.

She also brought me two lovely packets of buttons she found on Etsy. After she left I took them out and really looked at them - so many interesting shapes that I couldn't stop photographing! There are about a zillion other pictures of them on my flickr, if you care to look. (I could look at them for hours but figured that my blog readers might not find a button-centric post quite as intriguing as I might.) Along with these, there was a set of little aromatherapy to help with sleep - it's scented chamomile and lavender and I'm already endeared to it! She also gave me some stickers in a funny little Japanese envelope I utterly adore, but that wouldn't photograph at all. Perhaps I'll try it in natural lighting later.

And, of course, there was yarn! A skein of Mariposa Malabrigo Merino Worsted (so gorgeous!) And another skein of Indecita silky Malabrigo - this one is a little darker than the original two I've got so I'll figure out something awesome to make from it separately.

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