Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Ramalama Bang Bang

I have been very busy lately, but unfortunately, not with much knitting. School is remarkably time consuming, and I've found myself having less and less time to myself and more and more time with new friends, in classes, homework at night and out on the weekends. I think it's all just part of getting into the swing of things, but I really need to find some time in here just to get laundry done!

I do have some cool cool news, though - my parents bought me a camera! It's GORGEOUS and wonderful and it's a Canon Powershot A590. It even has image stabilizer, since I have a horrible case of shaky camera hand. I've been taking shots of my new project with it (well, not so new. It was my bus knitting until I realized that I don't really have time to knit on the bus.) It's still in progress, but when it's finished it'll be a buttoned, wrap-around scarf/cowl that has the coolest damn stripes about. Noro's awesome like that.

All in all, school is fun and I'm getting settled in. Don't wish me luck, though - wish me more time to knit!


  1. Congratulations on your new camera! I have one of the Powershot A series, too, and I love it. Easy to use but it has lots of controls for when you want to do more.

    If you pick the right knitting projects, you can knit while you read...

  2. Whoot!! New Camera. They make such a big difference.


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