Sunday, September 14, 2008

Bluebells and Cockle Shells

I would say that I need to stop spending money, but that's not really true, considering that I have been so remarkably good with everything I have spent, and everything I have bought has been something I really wanted or needed and waited a long time to purchase.

I seem to be on a color kick for fall right now - not traditional fall colors, mind you, just my new favorites. Last post, it was all about the reds. This post? Well, we just have to make room for some winter blues. I went to the mall this last weekend and was pleasantly surprised to find nearly everything on my list. At the top? Sensible winter pumps that I can wear even when it's a little chilly, with knitted socks. They're lovely, navy blue with faux buttons! If there's one thing you buy yourself this winter, it should be a pair of navy pumps. They were all over the runways and I think the look super chic if you dare to pair them with a pair of black tights. I'm doing so, anyway, when the weather gets a bit colder.

While out, I also picked up one of my new favorite essentials: another pair of sunglasses. I have a horrible addiction to sunglasses. I would probably own over twenty pairs by now if I didn't seem to lose them every once in awhile - leaving them here and there, letting people borrow them. I'm notorious for wearing them to parties, so you know that a pair of navy blue aviators didn't slip my radar!* They weren't horribly expensive, either - from Heritage (it's a division of Forever 21), and they come in yellow and red too, if you're into getting a pair.

Of course, no addiction to a color is complete without the purchase of yarn. I found someone on Ravelry who was selling two skeins of one of my new favorite (and newly discovered) colorways - Azul Bolita. This is a huge huge huge color this year, or it should be - our fashion teacher was telling us just the other day how, after a display in New York of several Japanese Iris paintings, 'Iris-inspired' blues should be swamping the fashion market. Even if they aren't, I love the color - who doesn't love purple blues? And had to have something made out of it. In true Malabrigo style, there was a colorway to match this need. I picked up both skeins for a really reasonable price and they were shipped and arriving before I could snap.

It's a sort of moody blue color, and should look utterly lovely with my light gray and white herringbone coat this fall. Although I'm hardly wishing for the weather to turn, I'm gearing to have most of everything I need for it ready in time.

*(this has to be one of my favorite pictures ever.)

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