Friday, August 8, 2008

Sew Organized

I have needed to get more organized for a long time. But with the addition of a very small dorm room next semester (although I am on my own and not sharing it, thank goodness), it really, really, needed to happen. Which meant that the first step was finding space for all my finished objects - all those hats and scarves that you see me knitting all the time have to live somewhere, right? (Well, some of them have homes in other states, but we aren't talking about those right now...)

So, I went on a google escapade and found myself some nifty tutorials for making box bags. You know, bags that have a boxy shape and store things somehow better than the regular kind? They've got a tough bottom that makes them perfect for knitting projects, and for hanging on little hooks in your wall and still looking attractive. Which is exactly the sort of thing you need in a dorm room that you're pretending is an apartment. Attractive things on your walls. My 'theme' colors for the room are very bright - I was quite inspired by Jane Brockett's uses of colors like hot pink, teal, yellow and green - so I needed bags that would fit into this color scheme. Thank goodness Wal*Mart, which usually has nothing I like, had something worth using.

I chose a very traditional blue and white toile and lined it with a hot pink leaf pattern, then used the same leaf pattern in a teal color with a traditional yellow and white scroll plant cotton. The last bag was the same lining as the green, with the most wonderfully hideous color of yellow I could find. There is something about mustard yellow that delights me to no end. Especially using it. The sewing was relatively easy, I used this tutorial. I did make a single modification - using interfacing between the cotton-cotton layers to keep them from showing through when sewn together and give the bag a little extra oomph (some of the cottons were pretty flimsy). When I iron cotton, I always use starch so that the pieces not only keep the wrinkles out, but have some stiffness in the finished product.

And voila, delicious little box bags perfect for keeping hat and scarf sets in!


  1. wantie.

    I love the fabrics in the first photo and the bags at the bottom are so cool. My dorm room was made out of concrete blocks so stuff never got hung on the walls. Everything was in cupboards, drawers or shelves.

  2. Those are adorable!! Do you have an Etsy shop with those in?? LOL gorgeous.

  3. Nope, no Etsy shop with those :) They're from a tutorial pattern.

    Though, I will be eventually opening an etsy shop with my sister, and it will have all sorts of adorable things.

  4. Oh! I made a few of those, they're so fun and perfect for all kinds of things. Love your bold colors very much too!


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