Sunday, July 20, 2008

Gifts from the Emerald City

When I was very little, one of my favorite movies was the Disney addition, "Return to Oz." It didn't have the press of the original, or Judy Garland, or even another famous actress - but I would not doubt to say that the set was better, the story more interesting and the actors more talented. The costumes were exquisite and even now, now that I own it on DVD, it is one of my favorite movies. There is nothing like a movie Jim Henson helped produce, is there?

One of my favorite scenes in the movie is where Dorothy, imprisoned underground by the Gnome King, has to release her friends from his Emerald City collection by touching green things in a treasure room. All members of the Emerald City turn into things the color of their home when they are transformed, and Dorothy uses this as a strategy to recover her friends and help them escape the Gnome King's clutches.

Therefore, you may understand why the color green, especially globes, glasses, vases and dishes, hold as special a place in my heart as the movie does. Somehow, I almost always feel like a green object has a connection to me, like an old friend that I had to spend time to recover.

I found some new friends in the antique store this weekend: a set of beautiful hand-blown apothecary jars! My current mission of dorm renovation includes new, more attractive storage solutions for my stash. These jars are the new homes for yarn scraps and buttons, but I couldn't resist showing them off before getting filled, too.

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  1. Fabulous glass! I wish I had windows that held displays, but they all have the wood blinds that keep the sun out! Thanks again for the great magic ball swap package! Kathy


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