Friday, July 11, 2008

Back to Spinning

So, I never really posted anything on here about it, but I have been learning to spin. In fact, I actually spun my first yarn a long while ago - some very greasy gunky stuff that ended up becoming an art project that will never be shown to anyone ever. After I'd used up all my roving (and patience, really), I put the drop spindles away and focused on knitting again, claiming that 'due to the yarn mandate, I had no money with which to buy any roving.'

Well, obviously, someone heard that silent plea - Molly (Riprap on Ravelry), sent me some gorgeous lovely wonderful corriedale yesterday - it's from Louet. I guess she had started spinning and just decided it wasn't her thing, so thought I might want to give it a go again! Yesterday, I came home not only to find the Magic Yarn Ball package, but to find a fluffy bunch of gorgeous bright and dark teal roving:

I'm really excited to try some neat spinning techniques. Molly suggested in her note that I mix the two rovings (the one you see in the picture is just the darkest one. Did you know that roving is remarkably hard to photograph? I had no idea it moved so quickly - every time I took a picture it was blurry!) This is a great idea, since I want the ending yarn to be plied, and I'm going to try and make some fairly thin singles this time around. Who knows? Maybe I'll have enough yarn to make something cool!

Molly knows that I love hedgehogs, too, so the card she sent me had the cutest little guy on the front. I think I'll name him Boris.

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  1. Lovely roving, and what beautiful spindles you've got!


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