Thursday, July 17, 2008

Another Swap Package!

Okay, so while I am probably the worst and most slow person to get swap packages out ever (I just want to make sure they're perfect before getting sent, is all!) my partners from both the Malabrigo and UO (Urban Outfitters group on Ravelry) are like, super amazing at getting everything out on time and making me feel guilty for taking so damn long.

Yesterday, I came home from a horrible, no good, very bad day at work to this:

Two skeins of Noro Silk Garden Lite in colorway 2017. It's hard to believe, whenever I see Noro, that these are the same colorway. I'm sure I'll be able to tell better while knitting them up. Into what, I have no idea - the package also included a pattern for an 'Orca Tails' scarf, but I haven't felt much like scarves lately. This Noro will probably sit for awhile anyway - I have like, a million things to complete (including the Great Mitten Finishing!)

Along with the Noro was an abalone shawl pin - absolutely gorgeous! I recognized the material right away because my father, who is sort of obsessed with guitars, is always going on and on about various materials used in the making of them. Abalone is used most commonly in guitar detailing for the fretboard (the part you put your fingers on). Guitarsmiths use them for the little dots and sometimes to make little animals or fancy whatevers. Anyway, it's very pretty, as you can see:

So basically, now that I've gotten both packages, my goal is to send out the two from my house today. Hopefully. If I can get finished with the crochet project I took on for one. But I'm going to try, really hard.


  1. That pin is really beautiful - do you know where it came from?

    I know what you mean about swap packages - I always get ridiculously anxious about making them as great as possible for the recipient and end up sending them late as a result too!

  2. That shawl pin is gorgeous!
    Sandra Singh


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