Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Seed Stitch Placket Pullover

I have finally finished the first baby item I've ever attempted to knit. And, I suppose, the first sweater that I've attempted to knit. The baby Placket Pullover from 'Last Minute Knitted Gifts'. (It's actually a free pattern, if you look it up on Purl Soho.)

Pattern: Child's Placket Pullover
Book: Last Minute Knitted Gifts, by Joelle Haverson
Yarn: 100purewool, merino wool in Guiava

I had been looking around for a pattern that would work with this yarn for some time. At one point, I'd intended to make a little mini-sweater out of it, or perhaps a vest. But although the colors were lovely, I couldn't really imagine wearing them as a sweater or jacket. So I frogged that idea along with my humble beginnings of it. In truth, the yarn made me think of baby things. Little booties, and sweaters, and hats. But the biggest issue was that I didn't know anyone who was expecting a baby. Much less anyone who was expecting a girl, and would deserve and take care of something knitted for them. When I started back working at Staples, I was delighted to find out that my friend and co-worker Dana would be having a baby girl in July - which meant that I had both a deadline (I work well off of deadlines, for the most part) and a project. All I had to do was find the sweater.

Originally I had thought to make the Seed Stitch Baby Jacket - after all, it incorporates both my love of baby things and my love of seed stitch. But I couldn't bear to give that much of this wonderful yarn away - I have three skeins, and I wasn't really entirely sure that Dana would wash everything properly. Plus, if I'd made the Seed Stitch Jacket, I'm pretty sure I couldn't have given it away. So when I went to the library and spotted the 'Last Minute Knitted Gifts' book, I thought about searching in there.

And found the perfect thing.

It wasn't particularly hard. I had the buttons in my stash already - little hearts I'd been intending to use on some bags I was making, but that were set aside in favor of not making bags at all. They're tiny and pink and I can't remember where I picked them up - probably Ben Franklin. But this was the perfect project for them. After it was all finished (I needed some persuasion from my sister to stay inside and tuck in all the ends. Persuasion of the forceful sort, actually. I am notorious for hating final bits of projects - wait until you see how many mittens I've got still missing thumbs!), I wrapped it all up and will be giving it to Dana when I hear she's had the baby!


  1. That's a very sweet pullover, and a great first sweater. I wish my first sweater had been baby-sized; it took forever and it didn't really fit my 16 year old self when I was done. Baby garments always fit somebody!

    Love your pictures; the lighting is great.

  2. That's a really beautiful gift! I hope Dana appreciates it and cares for it well. Love the buttons too!


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