Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Good Haul

Knitted Together is a lovely little yarn store right here in my very own Iowa. It's in Des Moines, actually, so I used to be able to say 'right here in lovely Des Moines.' The women there are so marvelously congenial, willing to help you find whatever you need. Of course, since I only get to go once in a long while, I make it worth my trip. Which, I'm sure, doesn't hurt relations any! This weekend I made the journey with my mother and sister. My mom has been to the yarn store before, but Abby had not, and so it was a new (and apparently very boring) experience for her. Until she found the Malabrigo. I can never seem to go home without some Malabrigo! Abby picked up a skein in Cactus Flower, which is a very bright bubblegum pink. A color I probably personally will never wear, but that looks great on her darker skin tone.

I picked up a skein of chunky Taureg, which is a brilliantly bright blue with just the tiniest touch of teal that makes it seem to glow. Abby's requested a Gretel and a pair of handwarmers out of the yarn - they'll be her Christmas present, I have too much to knit right now - and the Taureg is becoming another Malabrigo Beret. This time, though, it will stay snugly on my own head and not be sent away. The last Malabrigo Beret, based heavily off of The Purl Bee'spurl beret, was gorgeous and I had the worst time giving it up to my friend Corinne. Good thing she's learned to knit on her own! She joined Ravelry too, which is great - the second person I've converted! They should give away door prizes, but I don't think they could afford it - nearly everyone hears about Ravelry through someone else. It should be interesting when it finally goes live, because there will be so many people allowed to join all the time. My solitary hope is that it still remains the lovely little community that we have now - I don't think I could stand it if my Junkie group were invaded by internet trolls!

That's not all I bought! I hit up the Cascade section too, buying a bright berry color for a future Stephanie Japel cardigan, and then some Cascade Ecological Wool for a cardiganized version of the Hourglass Sweater from 'Last Minute Knitted Gifts'. The book belongs to the library and is already a few days overdue, so I don't dare start until I renew. Besides, I have quite a few projects (take a peek at that sidebar!) that need finishing before I'm allowed to start anything else! I already love the Cascade Eco - it has such a natural feel to it. I was thinking about making a Dr. G's Memory Vest for my dad out of it, but I'd really rather try some Beaverslide, which I've heard is remarkable as well. Decisions, decisions.

Abby wasn't the only person picking out her Christmas present at the yarn store. I've decided this year that everything I give I want to be handmade - I'm working towards the Handmade Pledge, although a bit slowly, and giving handmade gifts is my next step. Whether handmade by me or handmade by someone else, it's nice to have places like Etsy where such lovely things become more affordable! Continuing along the same vein, my mother chose a cardigan as her Christmas present this year - the long-sleeved version of Marmee from Louisa Harding yarns. Louisa Harding Jasmine, the yarn I'm using, is a silk, bamboo, cotton blend that is absolutely heavenly to the touch and has a bit of a sparkly fleck, for those of you so inclined. I am not one to ooh and ahh over glitter, but this yarn is far beyond craft project. It is truly, truly knit-worthy. I'll tell you how it acts when I start the cardigan!

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