Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hats off to Orange

I love orange. For anyone who has ever stated, in a moment of true ridiculousness, "I'm not a big fan of orange," or, "I don't look good in orange." I beg no pardon - you are a liar. Everyone has a shade of orange that they look wonderful in. Whether you're willing to take the time to find it is an entirely different question. Which is why, when I saw the Bollicine Lampedusa at my LYS, on sale for only $2.50 a ball, I was certain that it would be the right shade of orange. Something in between clementine and tangelo. A shade above goldenrod and a bit away from rust. The perfect shade for a hat that would receive a well-worn welcome, surely, when winter rears it's vicious head again.

The issue was finding the right pattern to go with this very right shade of orange. I only bought two balls - they're a bit itchy, so I couldn't imagine wearing it as a scarf or a shrug. Surely, I thought, a hat would be just right. Unfortunately, there are about a million hat patterns in Ravelry, so it took me awhile to find the right one. Behold - the Marsan Watchcap, in progress. It's a cap that uses a lot of twisted ribbing - something that is supposed to keep you very warm and snuggly, which is a reason I chose it. Another is because when I finally get to them, the decreases are truly magnificent to behold.

Of course, my love of any color never stays within the boundaries of a yarn. But I was pleasantly surprised to see that someone else - someone I didn't even know, anticipated my love of orange while sending me a present for ordering from their Etsy shop. I recently ordered some stitch markers for a swap (two sets, they're adorable) I'm participating in, and she sent a third set as a gift. Her Etsy, which should be visited time and time again, is Dragonlady Designs. She uses the most adorable beads, and all of her markers are excellent prices - perfect for swaps! Here are the lovely orange stitch markers she sent me as a gift.


  1. I agree, orange doesn't get the credit it deserves! Your hat will be lovely, perfect colors for fall!

  2. Orange you glad you bought that beautiful yarn! Your hat is fab.
    Sandra Singh

  3. Orange is my favorite color,, I will chack out the bead site. Your site is great!


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