Monday, June 2, 2008

A Little Refresher

All of my posts have been rather stunted lately. Considering that my work life has picked up considerably in this last week, that's not so surprising for me - but one of my goals for the summer was to keep a consistent blog, an online journal, and I'm determined to do something of the sort. So here's how it will work. I'll fill you all in about the things I've been busy with, and you may all smile and nod.

Of course, you know I've been doing a bit of baking. I made something remarkably sweet and quick this weekend, and I really must share it with you. I don't have a name for them - they're really just the mini-muffin sized cupcakes, made from strawberry box cake, but the icing is a homemade glaze, topped with silver decorator's sugar. I'm pretty sure that whenever I read about 'sugarplums', this is how I pictured them, even if it's false imagery. But I don't care. They're very pretty in person, and I especially love how my grandfather refers to them as 'the little cakes.'

Of course, in the knitting department, not much else has been developing. A few of you asked for pictures of the Lace Ribbon Scarf, but, I hate to tell you, there aren't any because the scarf looks like a skein of yarn. I keep unravelling and having to start over! I'm also working on the new Philly Cowl, by Caro Sheridan. I'm not sure if it's on her blog yet, but here's the Ravelry Link, for those of you who participate. I'll have pictures of the progress up soon - it is finally turning out. I'm using the Malabrigo prize worsted that was mentioned in a previous post.

What I do have for you, knitting-wise, are better pictures of some of my favorite hats. First is the Holding Hands, Feeding Ducks hat - there's a link in the sidebar if you'd like a PDF pattern (they're free!) While I love the way this hat turned out, I sort of wish I'd written the pattern for a worsted weight, because nobody is knitting it in the chunky. A few of the Ravelers have it favorited, but really, I would much rather see some more hats floating about! I have a sneaking suspicion a few might be knit up this winter - they're very warm, you know! But the pictures I had before were mostly on my older camera, and I wanted something a little prettier for my Ravelry projects page. For some reason I'm obsessed with having them all nicely lit and perfect.... can anyone say obsessive compulsive?

The other hat is the simple-but-sweet Noro hat I recycled from one of my first knitting projects. It's not really very warm, but the colors are so lovely, and the yarn has such sentimental attachment for me. When I was first knitting, my tutor - the wonderful Mary Hal out of Georgetown, Kentucky - took me to my first real yarn store. The walls were lined with pretty much anything a young knitter could imagine - and beyond. I had never seen anything so bright an exotic as Noro Kureyon, but Mary bought me two skeins, one in a bright red-orange-pink, and the other in this rust and purples colorway. The first was crocheted into a doll skirt by my mother, and this one became a pouch. I was eight years old.

I rediscovered the pouch the other day in the attic, and decided that it deserved to live on as something a little more useful and practical than a purse I never carried. So I spent a good four hours unravelling the twelve-year-old yarn and re-knit it up into this lovely little hat. I'm chose seed stitch because, while wonderfully simple, I do believe it has my favorite result. I am in love with the texture - I can't stop using it in everything.

Good thing, because some of my yarn stash has finally decided that it wants to become a Seedling Baby Jacket - stay tuned for more updates on that project!

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