Monday, May 5, 2008

Tickled Pink

I'm escaping a moment from writing a finals paper to write something entirely more pleasant. More spring musings. Although returning to school isn't exactly my idea of a good time, especially since it's all going to be finals and papers and tests for the last week, at least the weather is nice. Almost 80 degrees today, which is lovely weather for me (I'd prefer it a little hotter). I even bothered to wear a dress.

Spring cleaning is what I am ALL about right now. I'm making lists and bagging clothes and completing projects right and left. I'm trying to cut down my closet to what I wear and what looks good. Since I'll be starting over school wise, I figured my wardrobe could use a little boost too. This summer will be all about saving for fall clothing and such. I want to dress a little more sophisticated - I'm going to be 21, after all!

Speaking of finishing projects, I've got another FO - this time it's an absolutely sumptuous My So Called Scarf, done in the velvet grapes colorway of Malabrigo, which has a lot of bright pinks, deep purples and maroons and should go nicely with the Amanda hat I made my mother last semester. Of course, I couldn't give it away without taking some pictures! 

It's not horribly long, but I did use up two skeins of the worsted weight, more or less (some has been relegated to complete a pair of striped Mitered Mittens, which are not finished yet...), but just the right length to wrap around your neck when the weather is nice and chilly. This summer for me is going to be all about preparing for winter - this year, I am determined to enjoy the nasty snow! I even have a list of future projects (I really want a set of mittens and hats in both a mint and a bright yellow color!)

Goals for the summer? Oh yes, I've got many of them - going to take photos and post all of my yarn properly on Ravelry, so that I can keep track with an online inventory of projects and the like, going to complete all the projects I've got listed stash for, and going to put together a little recipe box for my new apartment. Oh yes, going to be both picking out furnishings and decorations for that, too! Wish me luck, and I'll leave you with another lovely scarf shot.


  1. When I first joined Ravelry I listed all my finished projects and all my stash. Since then, however, I have gotten a bit behind. How come all the neat stuff involves so much work??

  2. Oh, I know exactly what you mean! Right now I'm getting ready to organize my stash IRL, so I wanted to get good Ravelry pictures for all of it on the way. Might as well kill two birds with one stone.


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