Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Home Again, Home Again

It is so nice to finally be done with school and home for the summer. Although the packing, moving out, and unpacking proces is sort of a pain in the neck, it's really nice to set up a room I don't have to share, even if Laura was an excellent roommate. As if it couldn't get any better, today was lovely weather and I had lots of time (and brilliant light) to play outdoors and take pictures. Of everything. I have enough pictures to last me about five or six blog posts now (if I can hold them off for that long). 

Of course, I wasn't the only one playing outside today - as you can see, my dog Zoe wanted to do some running around. She's really shiny right now because she got a bath the other day, and my mom wanted me to go out and get some pictures of her 'by the lilacs'. Now, normally, photographing a dog (or any sort of animal) is a tedious waiting process. Not with Zoe; this dog is so well trained that all you have to do is tell her to sit or lay down and she'll do it. Right in the grass, right in front of the lilac bush, on the patio - wherever you want her. Our family is getting a little worried - she's a Great Dane, and their life expectancy is about ten years, and Zoe's getting on seven. She's the first dog I've owned, but not the first pet. We also have three cats.Of course, my favorite pictures all ended up being of her running the show. I seem incapable of going outdoors nowadays without taking photos of every tree and flower, so I have to add that the lilacs posed quite nicely as well.

With all this light, I took the opportunity to photograph some recently finished objects. Finally, at long last, the Cable Ribbed Socks are finished! These are my first socks, they're from a pattern in the book "Favorite Socks" from Interweave Knits. I got the book last Christmas and bought the yarn in about February - it's Dream in Color Smooshy in the strange harvest colorway. In the pictures it looks sort of yellowish, but it's generally sort of a mix of rich greens and browns. I was really worried that the yarn would be variegated too much for my liking, but was pleasantly surprised. I'd really like to get some in a pale color, as well. The best part? I probably still have enough yarn left for a pair of ankle socks or a beret! I'm especially fond of The Purl Bee's Purl Beret, so I think I might make that. 

And now that I've got some finished objects, maybe I can cast on some more? I was working on a really cute Hew wrap from Canary Knits, but I think the yarn I've been using (Dale of Norway Falk) is neither the right weight nor yardage, so I'm giving up for awhile. On the bright side, I'm almost finished with the My So Called Scarf for Ashley - although I hate the yarn and will never buy it again. I'm using Cascade Pastaza, which is both wool and alpaca, in this gorgeous aqua color. Although the color is fabulous, the yarn is itchy on my hands and puts fuzzies everywhere. I'm glad Ashley picked it out and not me, or else I would feel really bad giving it to her. It's pretty, though - I love the pattern, which I'm sure would look fabulous in any yarn and is especially lovely with variegated colorways!

I also had to run around and get a summer job today (lucky me, the first place I walked into was somewhere I know will hire me!), and wanted to pick up some cute recipe cards along the way, but couldn't find any! I'm glad I have a fuel-efficient vehicle to drive around in, or else the hours worth of running around and trying to find said cards (or any cards, for that matter), turned into a ridiculous and fruitless journey. Does anyone know where I can get really sweet recipe cards? I might have to do some online shopping. I've been putting together a box of my favorite recipes and meals for the last year, and I want to organize them in a nice, orderly way. Like I've been organizing everything else.

Regular posting will proceed, so stay tuned!


  1. Love the new look! Have you looked on Posie gets cozy? She has some recipe cards.
    And thanks for the nice comment on my blog.

  2. Thanks for the tip, susan! I'll check it out!


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