Monday, May 19, 2008

A Present for Danny

My friend Dan got accepted to the University of Chicago's grad school program for writing after graduating this year from Drake. He's a very talented writer and probably one of the most unique people I've ever met - a very good friend, too. He really was there for me when Jacob and I split things off in December, making cupcakes and inviting me to do things, and that really meant a lot to me. It's friends like these that I don't mind knitting things for, and this scarf was more than a pleasure to finish. I really love chunky knits - they're quick, easy, and if you choose the right yarn, they stay in fashion no matter what you do to them. The yarn for this scarf was Malabrigo's Chunky weight, in a lovely nutty color called 'Roanoke'. Now, I have been to the actual city of Roanoke, VA, and I'm not sure how they came up with the color - but for some reason it reminds me of some of my favorite things. Acorns, for instance - it's got some of that 'acorn cap brown' in it that reminds me of childhood collections. It also reminds me of dead leaves - you know, the kind that crunch under your feet as you walked to the bus stop, with the smell of fresh November air clearing your senses. The color also reminds me a bit of rich almonds, sliced so thin you can almost see through them - and of pecans, lined up perfectly on the top of a pie in concentric circles at Thanksgiving. I hope this scarf has a chance to invoke similar memories for it's new owner - Danny will be living away from friends and family and new places are always a little scary. Some comfort in the way of soft wooly goodness might be in order.

The scarf really only took two days to knit, during which I had the opportunity to see a few movies I've been waiting for. My friend Sarah's boyfriend, Josh, works at the movie theatre (at least did, until recently - he's moving to Wisconsin with her), and can sometimes get me in for free night showings of movies before they come out. Such was the case with the much anticipated Prince Caspian - the new Chronicles of Narnia movie, for those of you who aren't on the up and up. I read these books a lot as a little kid and had really high hopes for the first, "The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe." While it wasn't exactly what I'd been hoping for, it wasn't really awful. This second movie was a lot better - better battle sequences, better CG animation, and much better acting, at least, on the part of most of the characters.

Yesterday was an absolute movie fest - my dad and I, big Marvel comics fans, went to see the new Ironman film. It was so worth it! Ironman is one of my dad's favorite Marvel characters, mainly because instead of just being 'placed in an extraordinary situation', he's actually an innovative, self-motivated character. I think I'm going to have to agree entirely with his opinion - the movie was terrific and at the end of the credits they rolled a few-second spot that hints at a secret involving the Marvel 'SHIELD' - a group of superheroes who work together. I'm pretty sure it includes Captain America, but don't quote me on it. On our way home we rented Stephen King's new thriller/horror: The Mist. I don't know how many of you saw this in theaters, but it was pretty excellent on home dvd. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time, and the twist at the end made it so much better. Although not really 'that scary', I'd much prefer the science fiction horror genre to the 'gory horror' and 'zombie' flicks - I'm not big on cannibalism or gallons of blood, thank you very much. I would definitely recommend that you see The Mist and Ironman, but see Ironman on the big screen. It was terrific and I wish it could have gone for another hour.

You know those socks I posted awhile back? Well, they're making another appearance, this time with my new Ruffhewn shoes. These shoes are the first in my purchases for a 'new wardrobe' - more grown up, better quality and more timeless. Plus, they look terrific with knitted socks, and I got them on sale! More than half off! I wasn't really satisfied with the pictures I'd taken of the socks before, either. These show the true color quite well. Speaking of which, there are irises and new knits on the needles for next week - so watch out! For now, I'll leave you with one of my favorite plants in our garden: the Virginia Belles. We moved to Iowa from VA about three years ago, and this is a native plant from a most beloved state that my mother took in the back of one of the station wagons (both of which, sadly, are long gone). It is so beautiful - arching leaves, little dainty bell blooms that are creamy white with just a hint of green on the edges of the petals when they bloom. In a lot of ways they remind me of the ever-popular Bleeding Heart flowers, but perhaps just a touch more sophisticated. Too bad they are the sworn enemy of the cat, who is always eating any sort of plant matter brought inside. 


  1. Oh Hannahbelle, you are missing the best part of Prince Caspian - Ben Barnes! With a Spanish accent! Mmmmmmm......... ;)

  2. I totally agree with you. He was delicious


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